Churches need Audio Visual Systems

that make the worship service undeniably successful. New Audio Video technology allows pastors and preachers to convey the messages that they want with a more profound impact. Sound systems and video have been around, yes, and now they have unique upgrades. Also, there are many pieces of technology that allow new ways of utilizing A/V systems installation and communication technology to drive the message. Projectors have come down in prices to an extent, and video projectors & screens in general are making a big splash in the sanctuaries. Video distribution and utilizing wireless networking potential allows streaming sources and can produce video that is top notch. Others want sermons up to video production standards, so that they can record and either stream online, or post in the future.

Many churches have also adopted mounting TV’s in the common areas for displaying upcoming events, and other useful information. Flat panel TV’s allow interchangeable messages to be distributed from a computer system via a network cable. A/V design for your church can be an exciting process, and the renewed focus on video communication is apparent.

Planning your project is just as if not more important than the actual installation. A positively planned system will heed beautiful outcomes. Our process begins with a site survey and discussion regarding what needs there are. We have staff for complete design, programming, audio visual equipment supplies, user demonstration and spacial planning. We are here to bring a quality video and sound experience to your house of worship within the parameters that you have. Whether you have a basic Houston church sound system installation need or a complex audio visual integration, we have the tools and components to lead your team through the dynamics of church audio video system upgrades, remodeling, new construction and more.