Conference Room

AV for Conference Room

Standard meeting rooms must be equipped with presentation solutions for both audio and video controlled by an integrated control system.

All connections for presentation equipment must be integrated in the lectern. A flush-mounted interconnect box with connections for laptop, video camera and an external audio source (MP3 player). An interconnect box must also be installed with a minimum of 6 electrical outlets for laptops. Must be adapted to actual needs.

All functions are presumed controlled by keypad-based control panel. It is recommended to install the panel flush-mounted in the lectern, but it may also be flush-mounted in a wall or chair rail if using the room without the conference table is desired. The system description must be adapted to the chosen solution.

Video system

The room must have a whiteboard. Flipboards and AV lists for paper may be included. Rooms smaller than approx. 25 m2 are equipped with a 50” flat panel monitor, while rooms larger than approx. 25 m2 have ceiling-mounted projectors with motorized screens. An automatic scaler must also be supplied for connecting a laptop.

Sound system

The room must have a loudspeaker solution for program audio based on active loudspeakers mounted on the wall of the presentation area.

Control systems

The control system should control all the functions of the AV system. The lighting is not presumed controlled by the AV system.

Busy lamps must be installed outside above each entrance.